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Cov Guard

COVID-19 PCR Saliva Self Sample Laboratory Test


Product Information

Designed to detect whether or not you are currently carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

The test is validated as having 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity[1]. It is CE marked and results are performed in our partners IS015189 UK laboratory that is approved to share information with Public Health England (PHE).

Compared to alternative COVID-19 testing solutions, such as a PCR swab test, the saliva testing kit is much more user-friendly and non-invasive for improved sample collection and increased accuracy.

If you are purchasing the test kit yourself for home testing, an optional 15 minute post results consultation is included in the £139 price with a registered GP.

Recent studies show that a high percentage of people show no clinical symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, making testing vitally important, particularly for employees who have returned to work or patients who are undergoing treatment, during the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID test PCR Laboratory Saliva Testing kit can be used for the rapid testing of employees to help employers isolate carriers from the workplace, and patients before receiving treatment. In both cases, this PCR saliva test can help employers/employees and patients/clinicians respectively to make informed decisions quickly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Benefits of the PCR laboratory saliva test

  • Identifies COVID-19 from early stages of infection, even in mild or asymptomatic cases
  • Easy to use, compared to the PCR swab test kits, with no specialist equipment required
  • Fast turnaround of test results in just 24-36 hours from receipt of sample
  • You can screen anywhere, at a clinic or in your own home
  • Secure and easy access to results online
  • Includes free 15 minute post-test teleconsultation with registered GP (if required), if purchased directly by you
  • Assists in the control of viral transmission to your family and the wider community
  • Suitable for sample self-collection or administration by healthcare professional

 How to Use 

Its a simple test you can do in your own home or by your GP/Healthcare professional.  All test kits come with an easy to follow guide on how to perform the test. 

Sample collection precaution: Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before giving your saliva sample.  

Once your sample has been collected, simply send to our laboratory as soon as possible using the special packaging provided.  

Test Kit contents

  • Test tube/funnel
  • Stablising liquid
  • Return labels/packaging 
  • How to use guide 

Assay Performance

  • 100% sensitivity 
  • 100% specificity 

1. At viral loads of 750 copies/ml (LOD) testing, based on studies using laboratory based ISO approved RNA control spike-in material. Whilst research is ongoing, median viral load in saliva of confirmed cases has been measured at 52 log (160,000 copies/cubic ml. 

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COVID-19 PCR Saliva Self Sample Laboratory Test

COVID-19 PCR Saliva Self Sample Laboratory Test