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Cov Guard

Company Testing Service

Product Information

Covguard Company testing service supports employers with COVID-19 return to work planning and keeping their workforces safe.

This bespoke service is provided using leading test kit technologies in conjunction with our clinical partners and accredited private testing laboratories. 

As an example, employees receive the Covguard instant antibody test which is a simple finger prick test, that is used to identify the presence, or lack, of COVID-19 antibodies in the blood, which are produced by the body in response to the virus. This includes IgM and IgG antibodies, which are produced at different stages of the immune system response. A positive test result indicates that the employee has been previously infected by COVID-19 and has developed antibodies that might provide the employee with immunity. This test has received the CE Mark for use in EU and MHRA authorisations for use in the UK. When used correctly it is 98.66%* sensitive and 99.8% specific 

Employees testing positive for the Covguard antibody test, or those initially displaying symptoms, receive our PCR test kit. This CE marked and Public Health  England approved test is a diagnostic test to determine if the virus is active. It is accurate from the earliest pre-symptomatic stage of the infection.  Samples are collected using a sterile nasal and throat swab by either a registered healthcare professional or self collection. Those testing positive, meaning they are currently infected with COVID-19, will be notified of the results through a secure easy to access online portal and  contacted by a licenced doctor to discuss the results and next steps. Any employee testing positive at either stage also receives instructions on self-isolation.   

* The results of the clinical evaluation of 1,000 samples show that the test kits have a high degree of sensitivity and specificity in detecting COVID-19 compared to reference samples. Reference diagnostic kit for antibody IgM/IgG to Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Colloidal gold immunochromotography Assay ) Clinical Verification Report 30th April 2020
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Company Testing Service

Company Testing Service